Junior Botball® Challenge Robotic Kit and Game Surfaces and Curriculum



The Junior Botball® Challenge Robotic Kit includes the following:

  • KIPR Wallaby Controller
  • KIPR Wallaby Battery
  • KIPR Wallaby Battery Charger
  • KIPR Wallaby Mini USB Cable
  • Game Surfaces (A and B)
  • Botball® Screwdriver
  • Wrenches – 11/32
  • Starter LEGO bag – Assorted LEGO Pieces
  • Motors – (2) SG-5010 Standard Motor, (2) SG-5010 Black Gear Motor
  • Bag of Screws & Stand-offs, Bag of Push Rivets, Bag of Brass Screws
  • Metal Parts – Metal Ball Caster, (2) Motor Bracket, Chassis, Angle Bracket, (2) Servo Round Horn, Servo Long Horn
  • Sensors – Light Sensor, Large Touch Sensor, Long Lever Sensor, ET Sensor, (1) Small IR Sensor

This also includes 1 Year Single Junior Botball® Challenge Curriculum and Team Access which gives you access to all the resources.


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