The Global Conference on Educational Robotics (GCER), produced by KISS Institute for Practical Robotics, is a professional conference designed for elementary, middle and high school students, their teachers and mentors, technology education professionals, robot enthusiasts, and invited professional guests. The GCER gives attendees the inspiration and experience of a professional conference, encouraging students to further their knowledge, network with other students from around the world and pursue related careers. Teachers and mentors have many opportunities to network, exchange best practices and develop new approaches to STEM education.

In addition to guest speaker sessions, breakout sessions and an autonomous robotics showcase, GCER also features several autonomous robotics competitions and events. We will have JBC events everyday. Students will probably want to watch the International Botball tournament too.

You are invited to attend the GCER and connect with peers, discuss technology-related ideas, attend educational and thought-provoking sessions, and cheer on your favorite teams at one of the many tournament events.

The official website to sign up for the conference is  The registration is not up yet and the schedule is just a tentative schedule.


All robot events are free and open to the public. There will be JBC activities not included in the team annual fee that  include workshops (breakout sessions), showcases, maker spaces, guest speakers, student activities and more.  The week of attending all the events listed is $100 per student.   It should be a fun week.  We are focusing on making this an incredible week of fun activities for the students. JBC will have something everyday. Remember, this is a conference not a camp.  We are not responsible for students.

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