Teach your students to write code and apply the engineering design process using robots!

This sustainable program provides reusable equipment, software, standards-aligned curriculum and professional development opportunities to enable you to teach your students to write code and cover engineering design standards.

The hands-on activities focus on improving computational thinking skills and promoting mastery of concepts.

The program culminates in one-day public events where students showcase their robot designs and solutions.

How it works

  1. Read through the FAQs below
  2. Register your team here
  3. Order your robotics kit here
  4. Register for a workshop here
  5. Work with your students
  6. Register for a Challenge event here
  7. Participate in a Challenge event

Downloadable Things:

Participant/Team FAQs:

Who can participate?
What does it cost to participate?
How much of a time commitment will this require?
What prerequisite knowledge do teachers and participants need?
What skills will my students learn by participating?
When can I start?
What is in the kit?
Can I add things to the kit?
How many kids can use one kit?
Are the kits reusable?
Where do I get a kit?
What if I already have some robots, can I use other robot platforms?
What kind of computer will I need?
Are curriculum and training available?
Do I have to participate in the challenges or can I just use the kit for education?
How many different challenge events can we participate in?
How is this program different from other robot programs/competitions?
How do other people implement this program?
How many kids can be on one team?
Is there a season?
Where can I get extra parts?

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